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Windshield warranty:​ Installation of windshield, is guaranteed against defect installation for as long as you own your vehicle. Customer must have original work order and the customer that is on the work order. We will not guaranteed to damage of windshield occur due to accident, vandalism or any act of natures. Leaks are not guaranteed if there are pre-existing damage or rust on the pinchweld frame of the vehicle. 

Auto Glass tempered warranty: All door glass and back glass defect installation are guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle. Auto glass product including door glass and back glass are guaranteed for 60 days from date of installation, Customer must have proof of purchase of installation at the time of complaint.

Windshield Repairs: Chip repair are guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle, No guaranteed if the crack get larger during the process of the repair. If the repair crack from the spot of the repair, Finest auto glass will credit the full price of the repair toward your new windshield. Customer must have the original invoice.

Automatic door window: Finest auto glass will not guaranteed all automatic window will function properly after the complete installation of the automatic door glass. in case door will not function properly, customer are advise to take there vehicle to the dealership to have the window regulator reset.

Broken tempered glass: Finest auto glass does not guaranteed that all broken glass will be cleaned or removed from interior after the repair and installation of the glass. Finest auto glass are no liable for any damages to door panel, broken, scratches and bent door frame due to theft vandalism accident or any act of nature.